Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 1 - 5/31/2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

I received both of your letters yesterday from Dear Elder, thank you for them it was nice being able to get a letter the first day that I was able to collect mail. My first day they took me to my room and then dropped me off at the Slovak classroom. He talked to us in Slovak only the first day and I understood none of it. His hand gestures helped but for the most part I was lost. In my class there is only my companionship, which is just me, Elder Alger, and Elder Ringger. They are really cool and they really easy to get along with. We are in a residence of just the three of us, and just 4 beds in our residence. Some have up to 6 people living in them, so we lucked out. I worte you guys a letter and sent it to Phoenix but I accidently only sent the first half because I must have skipped a page when I was writing it and ended up writing it on the back of another page. I will send it out with the next letter I send, it doesn't have anything all that important except my new address in the MTC which has me leaving the 29th of July instead of the 30th. So that may or may not affect the mail that comes here but I don't know. We're kind of walking in the dark here on a few things that either someone doesn't know the eanswer to or they just have answered it yet. Our teacher is Brother Fish, who got back from Slovakia two years ago. He's realy cool and now that it's the 3rd day he will talk in English to us and answer some questions in English if he sees us having trouble. We have been learning some parts of the language such as meeting someone and saying hello, asking how they are doing and introducing ourselves as Elders of the Church. It is difficult here being on such a tight schedule but P-Days really even it out. The days are long but the weeks are quick is what they are saying so looking forward to the weeks to come.

The food here is just normal cafeteria food, better than I originally expected it to be but still not that great. We went to the Temple today and ate in that cafeteria and it was exponentially better than the food here and I understand why everyone eats there rather than on the MTC campus. The weather is really nice here and we don't really need to wear our suits except to go into the main chapel building and one other. We get a lot of time to do our laundry and everything like that and since my companions do not have to do laundry either we took that time to study a little bit together and then take a half hour nap. We get 60 minutes to write letters here which I guess was changed recently. It is definitely needed as these letters to you will be long. I have yet to get any mail from anyone else which is fine and I know I'll receive them eventually. I saw Connor for about 30 seconds on the way back from breakfast as he was going into it. It was fun to see him and he seems to be doing well in the MTC, and he had the same experience I did when he first got to his classroom. The first night I didn't sleep well at all because it was freezing cold in our room and both of my companions felt it was freezing as well and one of them found the thermostat at 6 at night. I got a little sleep but it wasn't much better than the guy who didn't get any. Last night we turned the heat on and we all slept better but not completely through the night but sufficient for the day.

I am having a great time here and I am working hard on bettering myself as well as attempting to help my companions grow. I will try not to be dicouraged and try to be as open as possible and participate in everything that we are doing. It is going to be hard but I think I will be able to endure through my mission and come back better than I left with a greater testimony than when I came in. Even now it has grown immensely and I have truly been humbled and blessed that I am able to serve a mission in the first place. I love everyone and hope that you guys will be able to return to Phoenix swiftly and without fault from the Honda. I will be praying for you and look forward to your coming letters.

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