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July 5, 2013 ------ Das boot

********Note:  Elder Preston Ferrell broke his ankle on Monday, July1, 2013 at the MTC while playing basketball.  He saw a podiatrist the following day and we were informed that his ankle was broken; having a floating bone chip in his ankle, and a hairline fracture,  He was told to stay on crutches and his foot was placed in a boot for the next 3-5 weeks.  The doctor informed us that if everything goes well, he should be able to go with his group to Slovakia. the last of July.  *******************

Now for his weekly letter.
Hey everyone! I'm sending my Email a little early today because we woke up early in order to do our laundry without a ton of people in the laundry room, thus meaning it takes forever to get a washer for our clothes, most of our zone does it and then we just sleep or do something else during the time that we would be doing laundry. P-Days, are going to be a little boring from now on because we can't go to the Temple because it is closed until August 11th, so there's that, and we're never allowed to go to gym or to the field on P-Days, not that I can do that anyways. It's not awful, just going to be the most boring day our of the week,We saw the 4th of July celebration that BYU put on from their stadium but all the trees surrounding the fence of the MTC were blocking most of the fireworks, and we weren't allowed to go out to the field where it would have been perfect to view all the fireworks it kind of stinks.

Okay, what everyone wants to know about, my ankle. Well it was on Monday that it happened and I was playing basketball in the gym and I jumped up and landed on someone's foot and it went sideways and it hurt more than any other sprain that I had previously done, so I got taken to the nurses room in the Gym, and the pain was killing me so she called for a ride to take me to the Health clinic, and I went over there and they got me in a wheel chair and gave me a pill. They told me I was going to have to take a shuttle and be on crutches to get X-ray's taken so they put me in a van and took me to urgent care and I got x-rays done there. They sent me back to the MTC, and then they put me in a room for a few minutes and then they came in and told me that I had a broken foot. They put me in a boot immediately after that and told me that I had a chip fracture in one of the bones in my foot and that they were going to send me to a podiatrist and that I could go pick up some pills and the x-rays at the urgent care so I went over there and picked everything up and my appointment was for the next day. So I went through the day on Hydrocodone and was dying from pain all day and then went to sleep. Got up for the appointment next day, took a shuttle over to his place and he basically told me that he sees this often where ligaments just pull bones off and they become a chip fracture and that something like this will never heal and the bone will never reattach to the bone in the foot, so I had 2 options. Let it heal and hopefully there won't be problems or to have surgery now, If I had problems after it healed then I would need surgery anyways. So we're going to let it heal and I have an appointment for the Friday before I leave to have it checked out to just be able to take the boot off and hopefully that's enough that I'm able to head out with everyone else. Haven't heard anything about my Visa and not sure I will until I leave, I should get my travel plans in 2 weeks I think and we'll know that then.

Well that's the entire story, I now get to take a bus to the devotionals and I got to see the outside world a lot, but more exciting was that I wanted to cry more when I found out it was broken than when I did it, of which I did none neither time. Anyways I'm still in a boot and I have crutches but they said I can get off them today or tomorrow and I'm weaning myself off of the pills because they make me drowsy during class but it's not really affecting my learning just my brain doesn't work all the time when I want it to and speaking to investigators is hard. My teacher says we are farther ahead than he was when he left the MTC, so that's nice to hear, and there was absolutely no way on this planet that I was going to learn about cases before I came here. I have 2 really good teachers and it's still really hard to understand, my teacher says it right; it's easy to learn the language hard to master and we will never become masters of it because few are. Maybe i'll get your package today I dunno I probably don't need socks anymore if you sent me one, I don't use exercise socks very much anymore. For gym I just sit in a chair and watch all the games or write a letter or something, it's hard to sit there and watch everyone while I'm sidelined for the remainder of the season, but I'm trying to be positive, I haven't really gotten too down about it. My zone and district want to do everything for me, they offer to carry me up the stairs a lot because there's only 2 elevators in campus and neither of them are in my building and both of the rooms that I go to most are on the top floor. So I get a lot of exercise. Before I broke my ankle I had gained 5 pounds! maybe 7! So I was a week before my ankle at 155 but I'm eating a lot less now because of lack of appetite with the pills and my ankle and stuff so that probably went down so that was probably false excitement. This week's food went back to bad but I'm looking forward to the cafe rio in the airport and hopefully we leave around 11 so that we get taken there real early so I can get Cafe Rio in the morning and then I hope we land in Chicago so I can get some Manchu Wok, both of those are what I'm missing most because Mexican food here, well...  and chinese food is only a teriyaki bowl with no sauce in it.. About all I can stand are making some of my own cheesy fries and then dipping them in fry sauce that I make, or ranch. We were jealous of the last polish missionaries because they were able to go to the airport and have Mcdonalds., Yes we were jealous of Mcdonalds, sad I know but completely true.

Well to get started on this week, we haven't done anything notable I don't think... I'm still plugging along on the language and I'm still doing well, I'm starting to think in only Slovak without translating it into English words when I listen mainly, sometimes when I speak it's Slovak first, I don't know if I'm quickly translating it into English or if  that's how I'm supposed to think about, it but that's what's happening with the language. My teacher likes to laugh at my situation because I usually take a pill after lunch and that's when I have class, so I'm out of it sometimes and he thinks that's funny. We haven't really done much... it feels like the last P-day was just yesterday and I don't have anything to report on since it really. I gave everyone the juicy details from my ankle and I know how to say I broke my ankle ( Zlomil som mojho clenok, with some accents, lines, and dots in there).

I got a lot of letters this week! I got some from Jackie, super long ones haha, Richard, a lot from Samantha and then of course multiple from Mom and Dad. I got to talk to Dad for a few minutes so that was nice, we didn't really talk about much except that my ankle stinks. They wanted me to call him back again to make sure that's what I wanted, I can't remember where I was told to get a second opinion but I was just doing it to make sure that I was better safe than sorry. I get a lot more people saying hello to me and the first few days I would get asked non-stop if someone could do something for me. I talked to some senior couples who wanted to know all about what happened and the MTC president was walking by and he stopped me and asked if I had to go home and I told, "sure hope not" haha. I try hard not to be a burden on my companions but they're super helpful and understanding about it all, they're super cool about it. Taking a shower is tricky sometimes because putting weight on it without the boot is hard to do without hurting myself so I mostly hop around when I'm not in the boot, dressing myself becomes tricky too, For I change everything but my pants because that's the only think that I can't change without taking off the boot so those stay on all day haha.  Stairs are probably the worthiest of adversaries and I spend most of my time on them. and I'm slow haha.

 I've seen Hayes multiple times he's usually right after when we go to Breakfast and I see him walking by and talk to him for a few minutes or seconds. I sat next to him yesterday kind of when we got to watch 17 miracles, that was really cool. I'm going to have to make Connor jealous by telling him that we got Magnum ice cream for 4th of July, he'll be mad haha. They wern't that great actually, they were good but not worth the ton of money it costs to purchase one. Thanks everyone who sent me letters, and thanks for the words of encouragement, Samantha should get her letter sometime and it's super exciting to hear that she'll be able to come home for the holidays, at like the perfect time too, if she works until the 25th, just in time to eat the food and just too late to clean up the house! haha. Richard, good luck with driving a Ferrarri for 20 miles, don't crash it and also nice return gift to Joie, I'm a fan of the chips and bean dip haha. Jackie, thank you for being dilligent when you write me, I'm not sure if it's because you want to write me or if you are just bored and it's something to do, probably a combination of both haha, which is fine by me.

Don't worry about me. i dont see it as the strongest go out of the country, in fact quite the opposite, I see it as those who are strong in the gospel go stateside because they're going to teach more and get more Baptisms so...

So thank you everyone for all the letters of support and everything.  It really makes my day a lot easier. I love you all and I'll write to you next week!, Stay safe and don't follow my example and break something, and for the blog to incoming missionaries, avoid basketball.

Elder Preston Ferrell

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