Thursday, June 6, 2013

Entering the MTC - May 29, 2013

We drove to Utah to take Preston to the MTC.  It will be his home for the next 9 weeks, but was the last we will see of him for the next 25 months.  The mission president had already sent him a letter letting him know that his mission had been extended by a month. 

The family took Preston through the Bountiful temple on the Saturday before he went in.  Richard and Jackie were there as well as some of his Aunts and Uncles - Linda, Kim, Kathy.  So thoughtful of them and their spouses to take time out of their schedule to support him. 

We spent time with other Aunts, Uncles, cousins and nieces/nephews.  The Tuesday before we finished up some last minute shopping for things we could not find in Phoenix.  The visiting and the shopping was a nice distraction as we awaited the final day. 

The night before we spent the night in Orem at Uncle Ellis's, and Jackie and T drove down from Wyoming.  We went to lunch at Panda Express and headed up to the sport field between the Provo Temple and the MTC.  We visited, took pictures until 1 pm when he was to report. 
So will he be taller than his Dad when he returns?

Mom, Dad, Jackie with the niece and nephews. When he returns they will be 5 1/2, almost 4 and almost 3 respectively. 

Mom, Dad, Asha and Preston drove into the MTC and dropped him off at the curb, leaving him in the hands of a missionary going to Salta, Argentina.  Elder Ferrell was going to walk through into the MTC, meeting us there with his luggage but the guard at the MTC said that he would have to be driven in.  Consequently, he got into our car and we drove him into the mtc drove around the curbs and parked where we were designated to park.  We got out of the car and got his luggage and each of us hugged our son.  Because we both knew it was going to be emotional for us, Joan and I both wore sunglasses.  The Elder who was his escort, said perhaps he should give his mother one final hug.  They hugged and then I hugged him goodbye for the last time.  As I held on to him, because I had no voice, I whispered into his ear, "take care of yourself, son".  He answered back, "I'm going to be ok, dad.  I really am".  Elder Ferrell went off with his escort and we watched for a few moments as they walked around the building. We got into our car and tearfully drove out of the MTC. 

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