Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Making history in Slovakia

Elder Ferrell's brother, Richard, surprised him this past Sunday.  Upon returning from a work trip, he layed over in Vienna, Austria, rented a car and drove across the Danube to Bratislava, Slovakia where conincidentally the entire mission and members were having a conference just for the Slovaks.  He was able to attend church with his brother and spend some time with him  after the conference  before Elder Ferrell had to return to Zilina.  *******
Well this week was an historic week in Slovakia as  the President said, it's been rather exciting that I have had the chance of being here to witness all of the cool things that have been happening and all of the changes that have been made and the growth that has come from Slovakia. Well the first thing I want to say about this Sunday was that a new district was formed in Slovakia. It is the first independent district in the countries history and one of the goals that president McConkie had for the mission.   So that was fulfilled. He talked about how in the dedicatory prayer by Elder Uchtdorf, he blessed Slovakia that it would have a district and he talked about a few other promises that have come to pass and are currently being fulfilled. The new district President is Samuel Seidl, his first Counsellor is Brat Valnicek and the second is Brat Druzkov. The latter are members in Bratislava and Brat Druzkov is from Russia. It was a bit of a surprise but at the same time not very much of a surprise. Samuel is a very good guy and an awesome spiritual member and it really just makes sense for him in the position. He'll do wonderfully, I'm sure. Well, I guess I should get on the way then.

The second surprise was Richard (my brother) being there for the conference. It was interesting because me and Elder Sharp were walking and lagging behind because we were with some of our members and they're older and take awhile. About half way there, I get a call from Elder Brouuseau, (Richard can tell you about that), about how I have a visitor, and where was I.   I was confused because I thought it would just be a former investigator. He told me not to worry about it and you'll see them when I get there. So I thought okay whatever. I walked into the building and there's Richard sitting on the couch and he says hey, and I say hey and then we give each other a hug and that was about it. NOTE:  (the male members of our family aren't particularly demonstrative) Richard said that he got there and everyone was making a big deal out of it and was super excited and then I got there and didn't freak out haha. Sister McConkie was very excited and amazed about it.  She took pictures and a video of it all from Richard's phone. It was so cool because I was asked to translate, with Elder Garlick, for the meeting.   I didn't really know what was happening because President gave us his talk in English so I thought all talks were in English but only his was and we were supposed to translate just on the fly. The mics didn't work the best so it seemed like the only thing that people got was when I translated for Samuel when he gave his talk but that was a fun experience.

After the meeting ended I basically just talked with everyone that I ever had met and gave hugs when I could and introduced all the people to Richard because they wanted to meet him and it was all pretty fun. Then the President of the Trencin branch came up to me and asked if Richard had the Priesthood and I said yeah and he asked for a blessing. So me and Richard gave him a blessing.  This man, doesn't speak English very much so I don't imagine he understood Richard very well.. Richard anointed and I sealed. I bet he wasn't expecting to do that while he was here haha. Then me and Richard went out to eat (thanks Rich) and talked and walked around Bratislava and basically just talked for awhile then we left him to get back to his hotel and went home and that was about it. It was really fun and really exciting and the whole weekend was just crazy.

we also taught our investigators although with less time than I would have liked. One of the members has decided that it's time for him to get completely worthy and so he has made a plan to quit smoking. He doesn't smoke a lot but he has decided that he wants to do it and so we promised him that us and the other elders would visit him every other day to support him and give him courage and help him on his way. I hope it works out for him. We also taught our family and they're great.  We are pretty sure they will come with us on our vylet when Sister Baird comes. Our goal for them is basically just church, they're so close and they're so Mormon they just need to make the next step, but they're wonderful and simply awesome. We're also meeting with our other investigators but they haven't made as much progress but we'll make sure to get them hard this week and find as many people to listen to our message. It's such a blessing to have seen everyone at the conference as there were many of my former investigators there and I just hope that everything works out for everyone.

This week we also had a zone training, really busy week,. It was great it was all about how we need to have the courage to go out and do it and we learned about how to really become converted and be the kind of missionaries that we need to and want to be., The thing that really changed for me in my mission was the consecrated missionary talk.  It's a little rough on you but it's great. It's really got me to work my hardest and it really pushed me to become the type of missionary that my president  says I can be. He was a consecrated missionary. I also got my interview, first this time, and we talked about the branch and all that sort of stuff. I get the feeling that I'll be staying in Zilina for my last transfer, I'm actually pretty convinced on that front so ... It's awesome, I can imagine no better place to finish my mission, it's simply awesome and I'm so glad I have had the chance to know these people and serve where I have.  It's simply, simply amazing. Oh yeah, we also went to a concert and it was okay, I'm not a huge fan ...  The funniest part was that someones phone went off and the first violinist turned his head and glared at them and started to shake his head haha, it was funny.

Well this email is long but there was a lot of stuff we needed to do but thanks everyone for all of your help, I received the birthday package, the tortillas did make it and I love you all and wish you a great and wonderful week!

Elder Ferrell

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