Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In serving I am blessed, in giving I receive.

Hello, well we're halfway through march and things are going well, we're just doing the norm and just working hard until the end. Time is going quickly as it always has been and it's just been the same old same old. This next week promises some cool things but not out of the ordinary but the week after that is going to be amazing and just all over the place haha. As it stands this week was a good week, we had a lot of fun and we did some great work and we're just plugging along. The transfer is already halfway over and it feels like we're just getting started, but it's cool anyways, might as well be off with this email. 

This week we had some success with finding we were able to find quite a lot of people and we received a lot of referrals it was really cool to see everything come. I had been despairing a bit because I was worried about our finding but it picked up this week for sure and this next week we're going to find well as well, it's about time we built our teaching pool up a ton, even if it is decently good. We had some really cool experiences with our family , they told us that this week they had a guy from the catholic church come to bless their house because they felt like it was a little off and their son gets lost in the night but he told them that he didn't feel anything bad there and it was just a good house and we assured them that when ghosts come they don't want anything to do with it. I shared with them some stories and tried to offer them some comfort hey were very grateful, they're just so cool. As well as, one of our former investigators who moved is now back and wants us to come over so we're going there this next week. We also had one of our investigators take us to a young girls house who jsut had a baby and her boyfriend is out of the picture now so we could talk to her and we had a really good lesson with her and she said we're welcome anytime so it was really really cool. It's amazing to see so many people interested in the gospel, I just love it!

This next week is just as promising as this one we're going to get a lot done and I was just thinking about how I need to be better. I taught a lesson in church about how we need to be true disciples and all that. I read a quote that says the best indicator of a true disciple is how you treat others. So I made a resolution to treat everyone better. Sister Seildlova says she gives me 2 weeks once I'm home before I go back to my old ways, but I'm stubborn and her saying that just makes me want to do it more. So I will probably be doing it just to prove I can, but if it gets me there who cares how it came about. It's just really hard to accomplish it but it's possible of course, and it needs to be done and so that's my resolution as it has always been.

Well thanks for everything and all that. The meeting will be in Bratislava at their new building that was just dedicated this last Sunday, President called me to coach him on his Slovak because he did it in Slovak, so that was fun. it will be on the 29th but I have no clue what is going to happen. It's possible that we get a district.   I wouldn't be surprised but it's also possible that that's not it.
We'll see and we'll just have to stay content with what we know. Anyways thanks for all your help and love and letters have a good week everyone!

Elder Ferrell

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