Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas in snowy Slovakia

Well, it's Christmas, I'm sorry if this letter will be kind of short or lame or anything, because I'm just not entirely in the mood right now. Of course we will continue on and time keeps on going, the thing is that we just have our ups and downs and that happens to all of us, it is simply the way of life as a missionary. I've been doing fine this past week and we went to Brno for the Christmas training and that was all fine and dandy. I went and picked up Elder Boam, It was cool to be in Prague and see all of the stuff that they have there for Christmas. I guess I should get on with this though and explain and write everything.
Well, at the beginning of the week Elder Garner came and stayed with me for a few days because he is also training a new missionary and then on Tuesday we left for Prague because we have a trainers meeting the night before we pick them up. It was fine.  We learned some thing’s that we need to try and help our new missionaries catch on a lttle better. We then ate some dinner and they ordered us pizza and it was good. Then President said that we could go to the Christmas markets and look around Prague because for the most part no one had ever seen them before. They were pretty cool they beat the pants off of the Christmas markets here in Zilina. Everything was also very expensive.  Things that cost a euro here or anywhere else cost twice as much in Prague. I didn't buy anything there because I don't like spending money, but I did buy something in Brno when we were there. Then we had the meeting where we meet our new companions and they told us where they will be going and with whom they will be and all that. Then we got on a train and came home, it was pretty cool and pretty much the same as previous times.
Then we just hung out and did missionary work for the rest of the week, I tried pretty hard to work hard enough and give him a good impression of working hard, I hope that I accomplished it. We worked until Sunday because we had a training yesterday.  Tat's why I sent you that email saying that you wouldn't be hearing from me until Tuesday. We took a train to Brno and then slept over there. In the morning President McConkie gave us an hour or so to look around the Christmas markets there in Brno and buy stuff and all that. I bought some Churros that they had and a Thing called a Trdelnik, it's basically cooked bread wrapped in sugar made into a spiral. Then I also bought some home-made chips and they were pretty good as well. Then we had our training about Christmas and talked about Czech and Slovak Christmas traditions. Then we talked about Christ and why we are here.  It was good and we had lunch and it was chicken and vegetables and potatoes. Then we also had brownies and ice cream for dessert. It was very good food and the senior’s couples all made them for us. We also received our packages for Christmas and thank you all for that it's really cool I have yet to open them up and I’m waiting until Christmas to do so.
Elder Boam is who my new companion is, and he's from Layton Utah.  He's 18, and he's pretty cool. He asks a lot of questions, and he reminds me a lot of the Mission President's wife, they just have similar personalities, which is good and fine and all.
Well, that's all I really have to say.  Sorry it's not really exciting, I'm just tired and just not in the most festive mood of my life, but thanks for everything and all the support and whatnot. Have a great week.
Elder Ferrell

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