Monday, December 15, 2014

I feel my savior's Zilina, Slovakia

View from our balcony
Winter setting in
Well it's the third to last transfer for me. It starts now and I have yet to do a lot of work. We'll see if I make everything happen.  It will be hard but I think I can manage. This past week we have been doing a lot of stuff, mainly as a branch and all of that stuff. We planned a concert and also a party which was in Banska Bystrica, and all of that was good.  Then we also found out transfers and I also started doing Tithing Settlements this week and all of that was very busy and took me a way from things.  But I think we still did excellently this week. At the very least I can tell you right now that I will be staying in Zilina, and if you want more you will just have to wait and find out.
I guess I can start with all of the meetings we had this week.  We first started out with some Tithing settlement meetings with a lot of people and that was all fine and stuff like that. Everything went fine and I'm still planning other meetings with other people all around we will see how everything plays out. We met with the family as we always do and I can see how much they like what we are saying, I think that they have the most potential out of everyone that we are teaching and I think they are genuinely interested. I don't think however that we should be necessarily pushing them and then moving on when they aren't progressing in 3 weeks. Some people would have us push them super hard into coming to church and getting baptized, but I do not feel that that is the right step with them and as such, I won't be doing it. I feel I have been inspired as to  how I should handle the situation, and so that will be how it is. We had some other lessons with people before we left as well. We met with our Norwegian friend and he is doing fine, I think he is converted to our church but he just needs to be converted to God because he believes our church is the most tolerant, and I think he believes that our church is the best of the ones that he has studied. We just need to help him see that God exists and is real, but that is hard haha. We also met with a few other people and when we contacted, we found some cooler people and that was nice in general, it was all in all a good way to finish off the transfer.
We also did a lot of things this week with the district. We had out concert and that was nice, we had planned to just do a few numbers and then play a video and then have a member give a talk and all of that went down without a hitch. The only unfortunate part was that not many people came to it, we had the mom of the family there and we had 3 members and then one of the investigators of the other elders came and we all had a blast just hanging out and eating food. We then had our party in Banska and that was good as well. Since it was in Banska we only had one member come from Zilina but it worked out.  They had a few members come and then a lot of people from their English class came and that made it seem full. We ate Cabbage soup and ham and cookies and all sorts of things. Then we also had a White Elephant exchage so everyone grabs something and then the next person can take your gift and then you have to get a new one, or keep the one, so I wound up with a block of wood with a marble stuck in it. It is actually really cool because it is kind of like a puzzle and you have to manuver the marble out of the block of wood, it is actually a pretty cool little thing.
So finally I think it is time to tell you all about transfers. We got our call while we were in Banska because the party was on Saturday so right before the party starts we all start getting our calls, so it kind of interrupts the beginning of the party and everyone is talking. I think that I got called first out of everyone. President told me that he is having me train again, so that is what is happening. I will be going to Prague tomorrow with Elder Garner who is also training and we will be getting our Newbies then. Elder Dupre was told that he is going to a place called Jicin, it is a tiny city but has a ton of members and was one of the first 4 cities opened up in the Czech republic. He will be serving with Elder Weyland, who he was actually with in the MTC. So it is pretty cool for him. It is pretty interesting this transfer, President is having his former assistant come to Slovakia to Zvolen and he is having him train a Slovak missionary, he also made Elder Garlick, one of 3 aps.  It is interesting to say the least but it doesn’t really affect me so I don’t really care. It is going to be wild at the very least, and I'm going to be broke because we have to travel a ton and I am not looking forward to it but what are ya gonna do?
Well that is pretty much everything that I have for you today. As for Christmas Skype, We will be skyping at 6 my time, and I think 10 your time, if that works for you. If you can, please add Zilina.branch on skype.  That will be the skype that we will be using so thanks in advance for that. Well, I love you all and have a great week!
Elder Ferrell

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