Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is this the end in Bratislava?

It feels like this transfer just started I don't know what happened, all of a sudden it's down to the last week, and transfers are coming up in a short while. I was able to do some reflecting this week and just see how far I've come on my mission and in my development and all of the things like that. We've been trying really hard and I'm trying my hardest and things are happening, but it's still not enough nor will it ever be enough, but it still matters even if we plant the smallest of seeds our work matters. It's amazing that I've been out longer than I have left, and I know that when it hits Christmas time, the time is going to fly and I won't know where the time went.  I think about it and how Brady has 7 months left already, he's really close to the ending slope and it just makes me grateful that I have had the time that I've had and that I currently have this time much time left so that I can try my best to share the gospel with these people and try to soften their hearts and allow them to have such great blessings as the restored gospel. It just affirms to me that I'm out doing well when I see someone accept it or when I see them find it and how it can bless their lives. It's amazing and the gospel is amazing too. This week has been great and pretty normal we tried really hard with Michaela to get her to stop drinking coffee, and we tried to meet and find as many people as we could and we were rather successful if I say so I but here we go.

This week we went to Zilina for exchanges, I was with Elder Garner, a new missionary and Elder Ringger was with Elder Garlick.  Everything went rather smoothly. We had fun, worked hard and the Elders there are really good and really accepting of suggestions. They said they learned some things and I was able to work with Elder Garner and found that he's a really good missionary and that he will be great.  Mainly because he just has a really  great desire to help the church and help the Lord in any way possible and he knows that his mission will help everyone. He used to work for the church and I imagine he will probably work for the church for his career. He is really smart and I believe he already has his Bachelors or his Associates or something like that and he's only 18.   So he is doing pretty well for himself. All in all, it was just a solid exchange and finished off all of our exchanges for the transfer and basically means that our time is over, I think the exchanges made the time go faster.  Maybe, or maybe when I'm done being a zone leader, time will just go even faster. I don't really know but it was great being there and it was great eating Sultan Kebab.

We also had a concert this week and that went pretty good we had 4 investigators there and 16 non-members and 3 members so it was pretty successful. We had been practicing for the past month or so on and off and it went pretty good.   No one really made any mistakes and we used the "Because of Him" video and showed that to the class and because of it we are probably going to be able to finally meet with some of our potential investigators that came.   Because these people just come whenever they want to, to the fun things and then they never respond to the meetings ha-ha. But we think this will spur some people into wanting to meet with us. Michaela came back on Friday and we've met with her often.  She is still drinking coffee but when she was in Austria she drank a lot less but it's still a process to meet with her. We made up a plan to have her only drink coffee less and less each week until her date on September 6th.  She agreed, we're crossing our fingers because she wants to stop drinking it and get baptized. We taught her tithing and that was the easiest lesson on the planet and she just accepted it all.   There were no problems and it only took 5 minutes of explaining. I'm kind of confused how she accepted it so well but oh well, what are ya gonna do. She also bore her testimony in church on Sunday.  It was a little preachy but she's never been (to a fast meeting)and we had never explained it to her before, she'd always been in Austria for it, but she loved it and she bore her testimony for how thankful she was for the missionaries and for the church and how great it was. We met this JW couple as well, and we had a meeting with them but we didn't have a ton of time because we had to go to sports night, don't worry I didn't play hard, they talked a lot but they said they had interest in why we're here so we're going to talk with them more and try not to bash with them. Then we've also met with this other cool kid named Peto. He's 19 or 18 and he's just really cool and really likes to meet with us, he's a little bit of a Buddhist and likes to rap but he's very willing to meet with us whenever and is frankly really cool. We’ve met with him 3 times and we found him on Friday ha-ha.

Well, that's really everything that happened this coming week we have to go back to Kosice to give another interview to a guy getting baptized and then we might have to go to Banska to give them 2 interviews for investigators but we're not sure exactly if we're going or not. Then on Thursday we have to drive to Prague and participate in a missionary leadership council and then we drive back in the same day. So it's going to be a ton of travelling in just a few days and I'm going to be exhausted from it but at the very least, I can go back to Big Burger one more time and eat a delicious burger. There's not really much else thanks for all the support and packages and stuff, and if you're thinking of something to send me, I like Goldfish :). I love you all and wish you a great week and I hope that you're all being safe!
Elder Ferrell

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