Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy dayz in Zilina, Slovakia

Hello everyone, it's another beautiful week, and it's another great Monday, we had a pretty good week this week, I can't say it was bad or anything, it wasn't outright amazing either just an average regular day, or maybe I should say rather that it was an amazing week because in general it was good and we're all happy and at least at the beginning of my mission a happy week was a great and amazing week but now I just always want more from my weeks, maybe that's bad but I don't think so, I don't become disappointed in it so it's whatever. Well this week was full of a ton of finding by me and Elder Mason and teaching our 3 investigators and seeing some fun activities on the town square here. Then I was also asked to give a talk this week, which I gave about grace, I'm not sure why I was impressed to talk about it because he didn't give me a specific topic but it was pretty good I think and at least the senior couple seemed to like it but they always like everything that we do ha-ha. Well, I guess we can begin with this week.
We met with our investigators Jozef Maly and Laco and Eva this week multiple times and we had little successes with each of them but they all have their own concerns like every investigator. Basically the run down is this, Jozef Maly is doing really well, he said he was going to think about Baptism and see if that's what he desires right now, I think he knows that it's completely the right step but he's afraid of losing is Catholic ness, for some reason he had it in his head that if he were to join our church he would have to all-together stop going to other churches and focus only on this one, which we assured him was not the case, We told him he should come to our church every week and live the standards that he knows to be right, and basically have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He liked that and he said he would consider baptism at this point so we're going to continue teaching him this week and then we'll make a final decision of whether we'll continue to teach him. He came to church and we had a high councilman there and he said he felt that this person had real interest and that the church is the one that was pulling him in and not the missionaries. With Laco we were able to meet with him twice and we were able to have deep conversations and check where he was by giving him a list of all the doctrines and requirements of the church and asking him to mark the things he has learned and what he is living and he said he was a little embarrassed to know what he was living so I think that's actually a good sign because he knows he should be living those commandments. We met with him again and he shared a desire to be better and to change the mind-set of Slovaks and be an example his only issue is that he has sort of stopped reading the Book of Mormon, not completely but just not every day, so our plan is to fix that issue this next time we meet with him. Eva is a single young mom and she is really interesting she loves the people in the branch and typically comes to activities that we have but she's not really into changing her life yet or changing her opinions on things. She is willing to read out of the book of Mormon and study it with us and she says they're good things but there’s some sort of disconnect from learning the doctrines and believing them so we\re currently trying to focus on that and really get her some good friends in the branch that are going to stay, all in all they're doing great even though we have yet to find a new investigator this week and we're trying our hardest we really are, it's just a matter of patience I think and as well as faith, so we're keep trying on that front.
This next week, we have training in Brno and we're super pumped for that, and I'll be driving the car to that and then I'll have to drive the car to Bratislava and leave it there because the Wrightsons will be leaving and I can't leave the car at there place. Elder Garlick ahs his license put in but he has yet to receive it at all and I have doubts that he will receive it by the end of the transfer so just to make it safe we're going to leave it in Bratislava and take a train back on Thursday. I have yet to visit Brat Duris because he lives outside of town but we're going this Wednesday before the training and I'm going to try my hardest to be friends with this guy. The Branch presidency is full as of right now until Brother Wrightson leaves so once he leaves I will either be the President or the Second Counselor, I still don't know whether Brother Duris will be ready to be the branch President but I hope so, and I think that if he got thrown into the responsibility he would do just fine but that's just my thoughts on it. Zilina is great it's a very pretty town, I was studying my family history and realized that Great grandma could either be from a town called Trstena or from a town called Tvrdosin, they are very close together, Tvrdosin is much bigger and a pretty well known town. Trstena is less so, but I think I already said that our investigator found a couple Panek kids on face book in Trstena and said he would take me up there some time ha-ha.
Well that's pretty much it, it's a smaller email but I really didn't have much to write this week went by really quick and things are really just a blur for me I could recount every little detail but it wasn't the most exciting week as a missionary I've ever been in it was just solid and nice to have a normal week but thank you all for all of the help and support I love you tons so be safe for me and have a great week!
Elder Ferrell


  1. Hello elder, I found you through google, just trying to reach some missionaries, I thought maybe you might be able to help, because I don't know your mission boundaries, but maybe you and your companion along with other sister missionaries might be able to help...this is what I wrote another sister missionary I randomly found online through google...

    Sister Whitney, I found you online through googling for sister missionaries in Bratislava. I love missionary blogs. :) I am a convert, member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from Virginia. The only reason I know about these kind of blogs is because I've helped missionaries with teaching many families and helping with baptisms before.

    My coworker in the preschool that I work at is from Bratislava. I've spoken to her many times about my faith and my life, she's very sweet and kind and is wonderful with children. She teaches art to 3yr olds and to 6yr olds, she makes creative activities for them and they love her so much. Well this week we started school again and she confided in me telling me about her mom in Bratislava, her mom had surgery two months ago and is now unable to walk, she's bed ridden and becoming very depressed. It made me so sad to see my coworker this way (her name is Mikaela) , even though she's still lively and happy around kids, she's very worried about her mom, because her relatives hardly ever visit her and nobody comes to cheer her up.

    Today we had a long conversation about religion and the elderly. I mentioned to her maybe I can find some missionaries near Bratislava to come sing to her mom. She then started to tell me stories about her dad who passed away who befriended many elders and even read the Book of Mormon, he was good friends with those elders who even helped him with gardening. Once Mikaela came to visit her dad with her American husband who didn't speak Slovak and they met her dads elder friends and amazingly one of them had gone to the same school as her American husband! it was an amazing coincidence, they had a great time meeting those elders. Mikaelas family is catholic but not interested in reading the Book of Mormon as her dad was.

    But I was thinking that maybe you or you might know if there are any missionaries, elders or sisters or missionary couples that could go visit Mikaelas mom who is bed ridden and mostly is alone at home unable to walk. :(

    Mikaela gave me permission to contact missionaries or members near Bratislava to come and visit her mom, and perhaps sing to her, read to her, show her a video about Jesus maybe, or just accompany her, pray with her, maybe even paint her nails or brush her hair, since she likes to look and feel pretty. She's 73 yrs old and used to be very energetic. She hasn't been outside nor seen nature in months, anything simple would cheer her up. :)

    This is Mikaela Herndon's mom name and address:
    Mrs. Eva Hegerova

    Lysakova 18
    841 02 Bratislava
    Slovak Republic

    (011) 421 2 64 369 210

    My name is Jhoane Garcia from Annandale, Virginia, my email is Jhoanegarcia@yahoo.com



    1. This blog is being managed by Elder Ferrell's parents. Elder Ferrell was transferred from Bratislava to Zilina a few weeks ago. I am forwarding your letter to the sisters in Bratislava.

      Mike Ferrell