Monday, August 18, 2014

Guardian angels, God will send thee (photos in Bratislava and Zilina)

Elder Ferrell and Miska

Monika and Elder Ferrell
Elder Ringger and Ferrell and Peto

Things are actually quite chilly here, it's not that hot here and from what the weather forecast is, things are looking to stay down and based on last year which was hotter than heck, things cooled off around September and they cooled off fast, by the end of my first transfer I was wearing a sweater to things, but we were also in Kosice where the wind blows a lot. This past week has been great weather wise though, and just good in general, even if it was a little scattered blinding into the new area. The temperature was like low seventies some days and they said it should get only as high as like low 80's these next few days but that is only a weather forecast and we all know how bad those can be and how wrong they can be. This past week though was interesting, it wasn't a full week and I and Elder Mason are just trying to get our bearings and I've been trying to set everything up for the transfer so it's been very busy as well as try our hardest to build up this area into a really thriving area.

Elders Sharp, Calderon, Ferrell, Ringger, Mason, Christenson, Sisters Wilson, Belibi Minye
Elder Ringger Katka and Elder Ferrell
Michaela and Elder Ferrell
After Wednesday we didn't have the opportunity to meet with any of the investigators that the sisters had before us because they were all busy or something of the sort, except for a man named Jozef Maly who is a long time investigator who comes to church pretty often. The sisters had previously dropped him because he wasn't quite ready to make the step to Baptism but we're going to work with him for a few days and see if his desires have changed and decide whether we want to continue with him. We had struggled to find people and really get anything going this week, even though we were working hard but I feel like this is just God telling us to be patient and in his own time, if we keep working our butts off, things will get going, it went like this with Elder Boysen and I think that in God's own hastened time things will most likely explode, at least that's what I'm expecting will happen.  We just need to be patient and long-suffering and things will start to go our way. We found some cool people that we have just yet to set up with because they're gone on weekends and they sound pretty interested so I think this next week will be much better numbers wise but me and Elder Mason despite all that, are happy and we're excited to be here.
Elders Ferrell and Ringger
Elders Ringger and Ferrell and Martin
Elder Ferrell has been wonderful at letter writing but not so good at explaining who the pictures are of.  If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. 

As far as the branch goes, it's a pretty big one, by far the second biggest in the country. We had 22 people t church I think, maybe more I didn't count so I don't really know. The crowning moment was when we had asked the Wrightson's to ask Eva who is the young girl with the really cute kid to set up a meeting for us because she knows them really well, and so they asked her how she was doing and she responded great, I'm coming to church tomorrow, which is amazing step for her because she's never been to church ever and she loved it, she could only stay for the first hour because she left her son with her mom so that she could come and it was wonderful . We have another meeting set up with her tomorrow and it will be great I'm sure we have the Wrightsons coming with us and also some members friends like sister Seidlova so that she can develop good friendships with them, which they are excellent at doing. We have a ton of people who are here just for the summer and there are 3 people who are leaving for missions in about 2 months. Bajo who is the youngest boy of the Seidl's is going to the German Alpine mission where his brother served. Then, Petka is serving in London South mission and then Jan Koperneich, or however you spell it, is going to serve in Birmingham. Jan has been in the states because he studies there and he's the guy who was studying to become a catholic priest. Then there are 4 other YSA who are here just for the summer and who will be leaving in about a month. So the branch is going to shrink here by about 7 ha-has, but that just means we need to work harder on finding more people who plan on staying here and more YSA to fill in the gaps. It's a really cool place and I'm super excited to spend a lot of my mission here :).
To answer a few questions"  I'm supposed to be best friends with a man named Brat Duris; he is about 70 or so and lives outside Zilina. He was converted because his daughter converted and invited him, his daughter now lives in England or America or somewhere She's married to some guy from there if I remember correctly. When Michaela gets baptized I will for sure go back to Bratislava to see it, it's going to be a super special event. I did hear that Brady came home from his mission early to do some tests because he has some bug, I hope that he's getting better and that they find what's wrong with him, and then that he could potentially return to his mission. Knocking on wood that that doesn't happen to me, it's too long of a flight.
Well that's pretty much everything we're working hard and we're going to try our hardest to kill it here in Zilina and light it up.  We have a chance to play basketball, gently, because we are 4 Elders and 3 of us really like to play and the last one has no problem with playing so that's what we're going to do, don't worry I'll wear my brace and be super careful. Thanks for all of your help and Happy Belated Birthday mom, I remembered it on the day but then forgot it when I got to emailing time, so sorry about that, plus I will be sending pictures, I love you all do thanks for all of the support and prayers and love, you're great!
Elder Ferrell

And thanks for your help in identifying everyone, Taylor

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  1. Picture 1: her name is Miska
    Picture 2: Monika
    Picture 3: Peto
    Picture 4: Left to Right- Elder Sharp, Calderon, Ferrell, Ringger, Mason, Christianson, Sestra Wilson and Belibi Minye
    Picture 5: Katka
    Picture 6: Michaela
    Picture 8: Elders and Martin
    Hope this helps :)