Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer in Slovakia

Summer is finally here and we'll see if it's here to stay or not, it seems like the weather here is very unpredictable thus, I thought summer came a few weeks ago but it didn't since it rained for quite a few days and it was very nice weather not too overwhelming or hot. The locals say it's really mild and strange for the weather to be like this so we had a weird winter and now we're having a mild summer so I'm pretty lucky with that. However, this week has been great and really cool but also very stressing and kind of a hard week so it had highs and lows but it's okay, not really a huge issue. We did our 20 hours of travelling this week but we were able to get back and have some awesome meetings with people and then the week all culminated to me getting sick and now I have a sore throat and a headache so I'm currently dealing with that and trying to make that all better but none-the-less we're still plugging along and still lighting it up in Slovakia and changing missionary work for the better here.
Well the beginning week started with us going to Kosice on a train which is 6 hours if any of you remember because we're not supposed to take the car there because it's just too far and costs too much. This resulted in us leaving around 5 to get to Kosice and getting there around 11. So we get there and go to sleep and then we get up and I was able to enjoy another juicy hamburger from Big burger, still the best burger and restaurant in Slovakia. So we worked, I was with Elder Jardine and Elder Ringger was with Elder Ellingson, the sisters who are there are Sister Seninger and Sister Kane. We worked and found some really cool people and had some really good conversations and then I had the privilege of doing a baptismal interview which is the reason why they wanted us to come this week and do exchanges with them. I was able to sit down with Maria and she is an interesting character in that she has known the church for a long time and had an issue with it which kept her away the church for a long time but she has since settled her differences and has wanted to get baptized. I spoke with her and we had a really fun and great conversation about the church and about her testimony and everything and she did really good and she was baptized this last Saturday in Kosice. It's so great because Kosice just has so many baptisms, unfortunately the joke is that everyone gets confirmed there and then moves away from there ha-ha but it was a really great experience and it was great to go back and visit Kosice and see it and it's just great as always and it was a great time visiting there.
Then we left from there around 4 so that we could make it home and we got home because of trains running late we got to bed around midnight and got just enough sleep to wake up at 4:30 in the morning so that we could get in the car and pick up the sisters and drive to Prague. While we were in Prague we had a lot of fun and we talked a lot about how we can improve the zone. We just had some cool experiences and we heard a lot of different ideas that the other zone leaders have and so we took a lot from them so that we can better our areas and better our zones. At the end of the conference we celebrated July 4th by eating McDonalds and eating Big Macs ha-ha and cup cakes so it was pretty fun. I also saw Elder Boysen at the McConkie's house and was able to talk with him about everything and talked to him about his life and he told me that he read my blog and he liked it ha-ha.
This last week we had some really cool miracles with our investigators in that we found some really cool people. One guy is from Mexico and he is only here for 2 weeks and we taught him a few times and we got him a Spanish book of Mormon and we explained it all and he said well that's an excellent book and then we met with him again and he loved it. We invited him to church but he didn't come unfortunately and we don't have a number for him because he doesn't have one we're just going to try and look for him on the street where we met him for the first and second time because he is usually there. He's basically here just to sit on the benches and watch people as they walk for 2 weeks ha-ha. He's from a city called Mexicali or something like that. We also met with another guy from here who was in England and is only here in Bratislava for a little bit but he came back with us to the building and we told him about the book of Mormon and he loved it too ha-ha. He is really looking for answers and he just doesn't get why the Catholic Church thinks that God is 1 in three and the Virgin Mary is a God. We also had some other lessons with our normal investigators and they made some cool progress too.
That's really everything there's not much else to really talk about so I can't add much but thanks for all of your help and for the dollar bills, Dad you will probably get a thank you card from one of my investigators sooner or later.  \Hiis name is Michal, he may or may not send you one we'll see but he said he was so don't be weirded out. But thanks for all your support I love you all and be safe!
Elder Ferrell

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