Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hurrah for Israel (and photos at baptism, missionaries and the Danube)

Elders and Sisters in Trencin- Sisters Scerra and Kraul and Elders Lyman, Ferrell, and Frederickson
Trencin Elders and Sisters

Across the Danube

Hello everyone, this week was pretty good, but it's always pretty good, I feel like that when I say the week is hard or it wasn't that great, it was actually a good week. But it wasn't the greatest week of my life, This week went pretty normally, no real amazing things that stuck out.  We went on an exchange in Trencin and that was pretty good because I was able to spend some quality time there with Elder Frederickson and that was great and I was able to drive, which is what I was excited for. I was able to redeem my driving which Elder Ringger had said had degraded since I've been out because he got sick in the city when I was driving.  But he said it's all good now and he trusts me more, which is good. Elder Boysen nearly gave me a heart attack when he drove it stressed me out so bad ha-ha.
Anyways this week started off well with us teaching people and finding pretty well and just having all around fun. Actually now that I think about it, this week has flown by. I don't know where the time went, I thought it was Wednesday and we had a ton of time before the next P-Day it was crazy. But it's here now.  Anyways we went about the week meeting with people and making real progress with them. Some of our investigators have really made some amazing progress like Martin.  Because he basically has Mormon ideas and completely agrees with what we teach and say and loves to meet with us. Then there's also Zuzana who we think could accept a baptismal date this week because she is doing really well and loves to meet with and would love if we could meet more but she is just stubborn in coming to church.   She always says that she needs to look good if she's going to come because we look good. Then we had lovely M ichaela who came to the baptism and loves the church and us and loves the spirit and the peace that she feels here. She has the strongest desire to be baptized on the planet.  She just doesn't quite get everything, and thus stopping coffee for her is a tough one.  However we're working super hard with her and we're going to try to do some phone lessons with her while she is in Austria this week but she came to church this last week like always and she loved it. In Gospel Principles, which we teach, she learned about baptisms for the dead in the temple and she just started crying and said she had never heard of it before and told her story that she can go and do the baptism for her mom who didn't really believe and then she can meet with her in heaven and she was so happy about it. Then we had Jaroslav who came to church this week like he promised he would and he loved it and said he had to disobey his Catholic preacher to come but he said I'm looking for the truth and they definitely have some.  U unfortunately he lives near Nitra and will be traveling for the summer but I'm giving his number to the Elders in Nitra to call him and meet with him there.
We also went on an exchange with the Elder in Trencin, and that's Elder Lyman and Elder Frederickson and I have pictures of that so don't worry. I was with Elder Frederickson this time and Elder Ringger went with Elder Lyman, we had some really cool success while we were there including meeting a man and teaching him a lesson and setting up for another one the next day and talking to a girl who wanted a book of Mormon before she left for America and I followed up and they got her one and said they could meet when she comes back which is awesome. All around we were able to talk and he sort of developed a fire and he set a goal to talk to 300 people daily and he said, okay that sounds good he's going to do it and I talked with him later and he's getting there and they're seeing the difference and they're doing some of their own things and progressing with their own ways. All in all, it was a good experience for everyone and I talked to Sister Scerra and met her and yeah that was all good and exciting stuff.
Well, I don't have very much else to talk about this week was a little bland in everything but it was still good. This following week will be a little spicier in the regards that we're going to Prague and Kosice all in the same week. We're headed to Kosice tomorrow by train because we aren't supposed to drive to Kosice because it's too  far but we're going by train at 5 and then we're leaving at 4 from there and then the next day we have to wake up at 4 30 and then I have to drive to Prague and then drive back the same day so I'm going to need some caffeine for this one ha-ha. It will be great and I'm sure it will be a amazing spiritual experience for us and we've been brainstorming ideas on how to help the zone and we'll see what we come up with.  We'll be driving with the sister trainer leaders so it will be good and we'll be able to bounce ideas off of them so it will be good, I'm excited for it. But that’s pretty much everything.  Sorry it's a bit short this week but meh whatever.  I love you all and I wish you all amazing weeks and thank you so much for all the support, I love you all.!
Elder Ferrell
Stan at his baptism and the Sisters who taught him
Baptism in the Danube
Baptism program on the banks of the Danube

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