Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Amazing days in Slovakia

It has gotten rather uncomfortable lately especially with some humidity, it's been rather difficult to go around and talk to a bunch of people because in the winter they say it's too cold I don't want to think right now and in the summer they say, it's too hot I don't want to think.   It's like; come on people when is the weather going to be thinking weather?  The answer is never for some Slovaks, but not for all of them for alas, we have had tremendous success this week and we are ecstatic about it, it has just been a really rewarding week and it culminated in some really good meetings and we have been able to reach some goals that I've had for awhile. So all in all it has been a spectacular week for us and for the mission in general I think so we're excited about that.
Well, to start this week we went on an exchange in Nitra and I was a little under the weather as I have been for about a week or so which has been a massive pain and I hate it ha-ha.  But the exchange in Nitra was amazing. I was with Elder Utley and Elder Ringger was with Elder Asay, and I really like these two missionaries. Anyways, Elder Utley wanted to teach 3 lessons and find 2 families for the exchange and we wound up teaching 4 people that day, so it was great success and I was most assuredly pooped after the experience. The best part however is that one of the people we taught came to church.   Then they met with a young guy that I contacted during a singing display and he's around 17 and they taught him and they said it was a perfect lesson. They said he was going to go home and check with his parents that it's ok that we teach him because that's the rules here if they're under-aged. So it was a super successful exchange and  think Elder Utley is doing just fine and doing everything that he needs to be doing to make the end of his mission a success.
Other than that as far as our investigators, Michaela came back and we met with her and she came to church as always. She is still struggling with coffee but I think we're wearing her down and away from it, she doesn't necessarily like the taste of coffee she just says that she needs to get up in the morning and it's not possible for her to get up without it. But we've adopted a system where we call her every morning and talk to her and she says it helps her and I think it's going to eventually go away, I don't think there's one sure-fire way with her to stop drinking coffee and so we're just trying to wean her on to Caro, the wheat supplement. The next miracle that we had was that Vladimir, a man who lives in England usually but is from Slovakia came to church again, and during gospel principles he asked, about baptism and receiving the holy ghost afterwards and asked how long it takes to be prepared for Baptism, and then after church we had a lesson with him and he said he wanted to be baptized on the 2nd of August.  He's really excited for it, and we're excited for him, I really think he'll make it, even though it's so soon.  He's just so prepared it's wonderful. Then we have made some major headway with Michal, in that he talks a lot about joining the church and talks about making his life better.  but he's very stubborn and takes some time.   So we'll see where that leads us, hopefully to some progress ha-ha.
Well this week we have been blessed to have Elder Boysen in town and he was able to teach Michaela twice and he was great at it, so we're glad that he had that experience one last time. His family was at church and there are probably pictures of me and him on his face book if you want to find it. His name is Aaron Boysen. They came to church and they also paid for our lunch when they first got into town. They're really nice and I like them a lot. Apparently Elder Boysen told them a lot about me so I hope they had a good impression of me.  But other than that this week has been great and very fruitful and I forgot to say that we were able to accomplish standards which is 2 people on date 2 people at church 4 member lessons 21 lessons 2 new investigators, and we exceeded these goals by a bit ha-ha so it's been great fun this week and I'm super excited for the next one! But thank you so much for all of your support and it's great to hear about everything at home I love you all and I hope you're all being safe and everything is going well! Get better Mom!
Elder Ferrell

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