Monday, June 9, 2014

One year down and one to go and photos of missionaries in Zilina and Bratislava

Bratislava District
Well things have been rolling and we're now at the new transfer already, it's really interesting because this transfer for has gone by super quickly but when I look back at certain moments they seem extremely far away, such as my surgery that I had at the beginning of the transfer now seems crazy far away. And just when Elder Boysen came it feels like the person who I was at the beginning of the transfer compared to now is completely different in regard to working sense.  I feel like I have just learned how to really work and how to do things if I want to have success.  I did feel as if this next transfer packed less of a punch than the last ones because the last ones were really wild and exciting because of training and being a zone leader were all surprising to me that they would happen at all, let alone so quickly.  But this transfer, I kind of knew who my companion was going to be and that I was staying as a zone leader and stuff like that so it wasn't as crazy or fun and exciting as previous transfer calls but at the same time I'm excited about what I'm going to be able to accomplish this transfer.   I'm expecting at least 1 baptism in the following weeks with maybe more closer to the end so I'm pumped about that.  I suppose we'll see where this transfer takes us but I'll start with what happened this week.

Zone Leaders, Elder Boysen and Elder Ferrell- The 6' 8" Elder Boysen returns home to Great Britain this week. Elder Ferrell says that he has learned so much from  Elder Boysen.
Well, I suppose the first thing that I should mention is my new companion, which is in fact, Elder Ringger. I somewhat expected this but President wasn't 100% concrete in having him come here at this time.  And was thus talking to Elder Boysen and me about it before-hand.   I think I had figured out in his mind what he had on plan. My theory is that I will be here for this next transfer and then another Elder will be coming in to take me place.  In retrospect, I think that I will probably be going to Zilina next transfer and leaving Bratislava, of course, everything is all dependent on what president McConkie wants from me and from the rest of the zone, but that's just what I think could happen. As well, the sisters were a little shaken up this transfer in the respect that Sister Johnson left Zilina and went to the Czech Republic in a city called Mlada Boleslav, and Sister Scerra, a sister from the transfer after me, is now in Trencin.  So that's exciting for them. The district here is Elder Calderon as district leader with Elder Sharp, Elder Mason with Elder Christensen, and Sister Wilson with Sister Belibi Minya. So that's the district for this transfer, I'm pumped to work around them and that my first son, Elder Christensen, is also here!
Sisters and Elders  in  Zilina
Other than that, this week was a killer week for me and Elder Boysen, we found so many people and we taught a ton of lessons that we stopped counting a few member lessons that we thought weren’t 100% lessons but that we could have called them as such. We just had a great time finding new people and we actually found a kid who was really nice and really interested and wants to follow this religion but he actually leaves for New Jersey this Tuesday, but we gave him a book of Mormon and the number to call the missionaries in New Jersey and he also gave us his email and I plan on keeping in touch with him while he's there. He was very adamant that we find him the number for the people in New Jersey, and says I hope your people there can help me while I'm there and make it a good trip.  He's working there for a summer job and studies medicine, and returns back on the 16th of September.  So quite a long time away, but still we may have another member when he gets back :). As well as we met with a ton of other people who we committed to come to church but unfortunately they didn't make it a few forgot and a few had other plans but said they would come if it was bad weather.  Thus we were praying for bad weather, but it never happened. We had also a miracle with the fireside with the member of the seventy and the leaders of the church in that we had 3 people there and there was 2 parts to it, 1 for the women and then 1 for everyone. S we had 1 investigator who went up to sister Reeves and said I'm not a member of your church, but I might get baptized, maybe soon.  When Sister Reeves said that the spirit told her to ask everyone to share their conversion stories, and she changes her entire plan and focused the lesson on Anna, our investigator.   As well as we went contacting with a member because our lesson cancelled and we talked to a woman who latched on to the member and then came that same day to the fireside and loved it and said she would try to come to church but couldn't because she has an operation on Wednesday but really over our meeting that we had, all in all, an epic week working with people for sure.
Well, that's pretty much everything that I have this week. Elder Boysen is still here because he doesn't leave until Wednesday morning because his flight doesn't leave until Thursday and on Wednesday they do an interview and dinner for all the returning missionaries and so he doesn't leave until then so he'll still be here. Another cool thing is that as zone leaders, twice a transfer we have a missionary leadership council in that we meet and discuss what to train on. Well, Elder Teixeira of the seventy is training us this time next week.  So me and Elder Ringger and the sister trainer leaders will have our own private meeting with president and Elder Teixeira, so that's really awesome. Then I also might be conducting the training for Elder Teixeira next week as I'm the senior zone leader. So a lot of cool things that are happening this transfer. It's weird because sometimes I am a little down when I begin to write this letter but as I write it, it kind of picks me back up, and it’s really fascinating. Anyway, I haven't gotten my license yet but president said he would bring it down when we have the meeting with Elder Teixeira so by then I'll be able to drive and do everything which is good because Elder Ringger has no license because it got stolen and hasn’t asked his dad to get on getting him a new one, so he can't send away for his international one ha-ha. The license has just been taking a really long time and frustrates me but its fine, I guess it's here now and I'll be able to drive soon. Well that's everything thanks for all the help and the emails and all of the support, I love you all and miss you all.  You're wonderful, make sure you're all being safe!
Elder Ferrell

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  1. Congratulations, Elder Ferrell and family! If I've got my math right, that's 12 months, 2 areas, 6 companions, 2 "sons", 1 broken ankle, 1 surgery, 2 leadership callings, dozens of solos, duets, singing displays and concerts, and thousands of people invited to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ... what an eventful, successful, outstanding year. Trees were felled, concrete was laid, buckets were lowered from balconies, epic train journeys were undertaken, halusky was consumed, vocabulary was memorized, blessings were given, invitations were extended, knees were bent, hearts were softened, minds were enlightened. Well done, thou good and faithful servant!

    And now the months are really going to evaporate like the dews upon the grass; you'll be counting down now instead of counting up.

    May this coming year of mission life be just as fulfilling, enriching, and interesting as the last (but without the health emergencies!). With very best wishes to you all, from the Jones family.