Monday, June 16, 2014

photos of Zone leaders and Believing in Bratislava

3 zone leaders
Elder Ferrell, Elder Boysen, Elder Ringger  2 days later, goodbye and good luck, Elder Boysen

Well, this week was a little bit uneventful.  It wasn't exactly not fun or bad or anything, there just wasn't a crazy happening going on this week.  It's rather odd to be the older zone leader because now I have more responsibility for everything. We had a good week this week just keeping on with the previous week and the success that we had with that. Elder Boysen left and Elder Ringger came in and basically the whole world keeps on revolving.  It's really cool to just step back and look at everything and reassess things and then jump back in and keep on working with everyone, and we did have quite a few good experiences with investigators this week.
I'll start with Elder Boysen leaving a bit.  he left on Wednesday morning so we had time with him still on Monday and Tuesday before he left and it was great to be with him for those two days. When he left it was kind of like, well now what, what am I going to do without him, then we just went about our day continuing on with everything and just taught lessons, went contacting and the like. The week went by pretty slowly but we had good numbers and we had a bit of success with the people that we are currently teaching. We took Elder Boysen to the bus station and waited with him a bit then gave him a hug and sent him on his way to Prague, he is home for awhile now but will be coming back on the 27th and will be in time to see Michaela get baptized, so we're hoping that he'll be able to make that and be a part of that awesome experience for her.
As far as our investigators this past week, we met with Michaela nearly every day and will again meet her today, so that she has constant contact with us. She is absolutely wonderful, and is progressing so well, she loved church this week and loves the gospel and the book of Mormon so much; it's such a great thing to be a part of her conversion to it. There are a few things here and there that she has a little bit of weird ideas and things that she says but it's gotten a lot better now that she's been reading the book of Mormon and focusing on those things. She's great in every aspect. She is also very excited for her baptism and said she wanted to get baptized last week but we explained to her that we need to explain some things before hand. She is still planning on everything and is just a little nervous but that's all. Our other investigators include a lady named zuzana who has some differing ideas but hasn't read the book of Mormon but says that she will to learn if it's true and then we also have jaroslav who says we can't meet until the 29th of June when he comes to church he already has it penciled in. Then we also have Michal who is great and wanted those 3 dollar bills. He is a really interesting case because he loves meeting with us and just loves us in general, he has a differing view on the godhead but says he's not happy with his life and we talked about what baptism means and what we gain from it. He has different plans to help by getting a Russian girlfriend and wants to go to morocco. He is just looking in the wrong places and I think we're helping him with that. He's super nice and just needs kind of a kick in the pants so that he'll read the book of Mormon. Then we have Katarina who says she has read the entire Book of Mormon and I believe her, she is super nice we visited her today because she had a knee operation but says that she'll be coming to church and she loved the meeting with Elder Kearon. She fully plans on coming to our church because she says it's not boring like Catholic Church. She is really nice and gave us a box of tea ha-ha, that's pretty much everyone except for a few people here and there, they're just the best investigators ever.   I just want them all to  receive the benefits of joining the church .
This coming week we have training with Elder Teixeira of the seventy and me and Elder Ringger are conducting it and we're going to have a meeting with him and President McConkie before hand so that's cool. Then also there is another baptism happening this week with a guy named Stan.  He's been coming to church for a year or more now and loves it and has not been baptized for various reasons, but he is now going to be able to get baptized here. He's an awesome guy and I'm super pumped for him to make the next step. This coming week we're also planning on hitting missionary work hard and start finding more new investigators and just working with all of our might, I'm going to need some caffeine for this week, but it's going to be epic, we also plan on doing our first exchange with Elder Calderon this week because he is a new district leader, but that will go fine too.
Well that's pretty much everything, thanks for all the letters and information, that's soooo cool that you saw elder Barber, he is most definitely my favorite companion, he was sooo great, I loved him tons and miss him so much. But thanks for all the help and support, have fun on the train and I love you all!
Elder Ferrell

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