Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy day, All is well ... in Kosice

Well it's another week gone past and this transfer now only has about 3 weeks left before it's over which is crazy because it feels like Elder Christensen just got here which I suppose he did but the time has really flown. Its crazy to just think about all the things happening in the near future. Soon Ill be coming up on my 20th birthday and then after that my year mark is just a round the corner, that is exciting but frightening at the same time. It's like on the one hand I've already been through a year of my mission but on the other hand I've been through a year of my mission... I don't have to worry about it for another 4 months really but with my birthday coming up things are just going to keep going faster and faster and sooner than I know it I'll be on my 21st birthday. It's just interesting I guess,
Well this week we have just been doing some normal missionary work, not having to worry about anything like trainings just yet but this week we do have a training which is exciting, but it's kind of weird because 2 weeks ago I was thinking about how training is in 2 weeks and those 2 weeks ago feel like a bajillion years ago but at the same time it's gone in like 3 seconds. This week we did some singing on the street and the zone leaders came for an exchange so that was fun. Me and Elder Barber went on a exchange and Elder Christensen and Elder Utley were together for this one. It was nice. We had  3 lessons planned for that day and they all fell through like 15 minutes before they were supposed to happen so that was annoying but you got to get over it and just keep going because no one is going to stop for you if you decide to stop. You just have to keep moving so you aren't left behind/ So that's what we've been doing just really trying to take things in stride and react to the things that are happening to us and around us. We found a lot of cool people this week though that said they were willing to meet this week so today we plan to call all of them and get the rest of our week set up since we will be out of our area for a day and a half or so. We have to leave for Bratislava at 2 tomorrow in order for us to make it to the training at 9 on Wednesday. I suppose we could leave Wednesday morning but we would have to get up at 1 o clock probably, so we could just not sleep that night and go, but I felt that we shouldn't do that and actually get some sleep that morning so thats what we're going to do. It's weird being a district leader because nothing really changes.  You just get asked a lot of questions in which you don't know the answers to, and then you ask the zone leaders who don't know the answer, who ask the ap's who don't know all the way up to the president who then tells us that we're spiritual people and that he trusts us to make the decision on our own and then it comes back the chain and then we just guess I suppose haha. And then we do Sunday night call ins which just take time and presidency meeting but other than those there's no changes.
Well for this coming week we're excited about the training obviously but I personally am excited to see if we're going to be able to meet with some of these potentials because that's always been the issue, translating contacts to meetings with us so I'm hoping that we're able to get some of these investigators into chairs and a book of Mormon in their hand. It's definitely possible we just need to have faith to do it and then everything that we do is possible. So I'm excited. I'm also excited for transfers in the coming weeks, I would love to stay in Kosice again but I imagine that won't happen.  I'm going to try my hardest to convince president McConkie to keep me here for more transfers haha, I have an interview with him this coming week and I'm hoping to casually slip that into the conversation and get the idea in his mind. Of course not like it actually matters but I can try!
Well thank you for everything and all of your support.  It is really awesome to also hear about all the missionaries and stuff at home so thanks for that information. I probably have to get going here but I love you all and miss you. I hope you're all safe and wish best travels to everyone!
Elder Ferrell

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