Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kings of Kosice

Hello everyone!
It's been a long week out here but it's been really fun at the same time as well, we've had some really awesome things but at the same time things have really made me and my companion excited becuase there's been a bunch of stuff that happened at the end o the week concerning new investigators. This week we found only 2 new investigators but we have on plan for another 3 which are near 100% guarenteed new investigators and we found all of tehm on Thursday or Friday and then one also found us and then one came to church and we set up with him. It was funny about the guy that came to church because he is a friend of a former investigator that continues to come to church and she brought 2 people and the guy is really interested in the church and they also got emotional when we were singing because we have to sing every other week out here in the branch. He plans on coming to our english class and then also on the Vylet, which is just a hike, that we're having next week on Saturday. This week has something really exciting on every day because tomorrow we're going to do service for one of our investigaotrs at his farm and then the next day we have the zone leaders coming into town to do exchanges and then on thursday we have more service for president Van Dalen and then Friday we have language study which is fun and we get to go out to eat and then Saturday Vylet so a jam packed week this week. It's going to be a lot and we definitely do alot of work out here, so much sometimes that we don't have time for dinner, as it is we don't usually eat dinner until 8 o' clock anyways, mainly because that is the worst time for prosilyting and lessons and stuff so that doesn't happen. We get rejected a lot but you always find the diamond in the rough to give you their telephone number and set up with you even if they don't come to their meetings. it's still fine though it means I get to work on language and talk with people and not be nervous about it but it's fine. This week marks 3 weeks left in the transfer which is crazy, because I don't expect it to be so quick but it has been so.
We had a full day today and we woke up early and yet we also have a ton more stuff to do. Today we just got back from going to Spisky Hrad which I have pictures for but I may have to do it next week for sake of time and stuff but anyways it's the largest castle on this side of Slovakia and it is definitely huge. I'll be sending out postcards some time from it but it is really awesome but we didn't get to spend much time there because it's around 2 hours away and geting there in time to hike up the hillside, and hike back all the while still having time to do everything is a realy challenge but we did it and now I'm exhausted, luckily we still have to do stuff today haha, but it's fine. It was really fun and we went with the sister up there and I also ought a clay mould and sculpture of the castle and hillside and it is really really cool and was only 5 euros, which is fantastic me and my ccompanion were like we're not leaving this place without those because everything there was so cheap it's a place to think about when you travel here simply because of the sheer immensity of it. So needless to say we had a really fun time while we were out there. We had to get up early though and that is kind of a bummer ebcause I like to sleep out here and I'm constantly tired but it's just something that I know I will have to learn how to deal with because it ain't gonna get much better ahha. I usually get to sleep in about 5 seconds, sometimes 10 if I'm not sleeping well haha. I can still sleep anywhere and often do whenever we have freetime on trains or something. But yeah, if I stay we may have to go back there because it's a really exciting place and it was definitely cool top see, you'll get pictures from it eventually and I'm hoping that it will be today.
This week I have definitely seen my language take a jump from where it previous was because I've been working really hard on it because I want to be able to understand everything that is going on my the absolute minimum of next transfer and seeing how thigns are going here I think that it is possible. I can understand most of whats going on, there is just some obscure words here and there that throw me off sometimes but other than that I'm getting used to it, and then my speaking is also getting better, I'm getting the intricacies down more, I cant say it 100% without mistakes but I usually correct myself when I say things worng, my companion says he doesn't understand because it seems like a light goes on when I make a mistake and then I just correct myself so he can't point out mistake I made so that makes me happy to hear. Really I mostly need to increase my vocabulary and it is gradually happening that is what most of my language studies focus on for the most part. And then we also listen to some language movies or conferences in Slovak so that alos helps with understanding. So those are my set goals and I think they are doable pretty easily.
So I got some emails and there are a few questions that I wanted to answer and then respond to people. To Dad, I think you're pretty safe with the Cardinals only winning 5 games or less, they're just awful, I hope you enjoy the Salsa that you will be getting. As well as an update for the weather over here, it's almost sweater weather here and some days it gets really cold! To Mom, I haven't been gaining weight and my cheeks are chubby at all haha, the food is good but we don't eat often enough for me to really be gaining that much weight. To Richard, that's super cool that you have so many oppurtunities going for you and that's kind of funny that you were the only one that wasn't laid off at your job, especially since you might get the state Department job (still because of the suit) and then you also have the shop which is where you actually want to be but that's beside the point. I hope Asha is having fun and I can't believe she's already 2! and she'll be also 4 before I come back tell her Happy Birthday from me please, other than that I think that's it.
This week has been fun but hard which is fine it's just all apart of the system I know that I'll be fine and it'll get a lot easier later but until then I just keep going, anyways I hope your week is fantastic I love you all and be safe back home!
Elder Ferrell

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  1. Hi! This is Sestra Jones' mom ... I have a photo that I'd love to share with you, you can get in touch at hopeandhiraeth@gmail.com . Sounds like Starsi Ferrell is doing so well!