Monday, September 16, 2013

kickstarting kosice

The missionaries of Slovakia
Hello everyone! it's Monday in beatiful Kosice and we just got back from buying Elder Barber some new shoes and getting myself a haircut. Elder Barber has a really big hole in the back of his shoe and it's really funny because about a month ago it wasn't there and then it's also really funny because his cousin or something told him that his shoes would last his entire mission, and he only brought 1 pair. Buttt they didn't and now he's wearing some new shoes that he bought for 40 Euros and have a 2 year warranty on them so he wants to ruin them before he leaves and then go get some new ones with the warranty before he goes home haha. The Haircuts are different here they first they washed my hair and gave my head a massage and then cut it and then I got another massage, it was pretty awesome, Elder Barber likes getting the massages here haha. All and all it was a pretty good day even though it was just a little bit short.
 P-Days just go by really quick and we never have enough time to do everything that we need to do, let alone the stuff that we want to do, so it's a little frustrating in that regard but it's still fun nonetheless. It's still really great here and all the members and really just everyone out here is really great and I really do hope that I stay here for another transfer but if I don't that's fine too and I'll learn to love another city, but leaving President Van Dalen will be hard because he is the coolest guy in the entirety of Slovakia and he's not even Slovak haha but that's of little importance, we often do service for him in his garden and that's always one of the highlights of our day and our week for that matter.
This past week has been tough physically mainly because we have done a ton of service plus we went to the castle a long ways away and then we went on a hike as a branch to another castle but wound up missing our stop and using all of our time to hike back to the town to just get on a train and get back in time to complete everything that we need to do. We really have no time in the days and often times we don't have time for studies or dinner for that matter. The latter being the one that I miss most often and makes me upset that we can't have it haha but oh well you just gotta keep on keeping on. This transfer is just going by so ridiculously quick out here neither I nor Elder Barber know where the time has went.  We only have 2 weeks left togerther this transfer and that started yesterday. We have one more P-Day left together and because we're so far away from Brno for the conference that we're going to on Sunday we're going to wind up traveling back to Kosice on our P-Day and that's probably for most of our P-Day.  And so for the next 2 P-Days we'll be traveling or at least Elder Barber will but that's the way it goes when you're in the Wild Wild East which is what they call us since we live so far out of the way (almost in Africa)   But this week as well has been really cool because we talked with one of our investigators who came to church and we gave him a Baptismal date and he accepted it and he's looking forward to it, we need to work with him a lot but I think that he'll get there eventually he just needs the effort of some willing Elders haha.
So I'll be going to Brno on the 22nd I believe it is or whatever and we'll have a District conference there and that's for all of Slovakia and half of Czech so we'll see a lot of people there and that's really exciting, and we'll get all the letters and packages, but if you only sent it 2 days ago I'm not 100% sure that I'll get it this time, it may have to be next time that I get the one you just sent. Good thing I bought some sweaters then haha, especially since we've already worn them because it's really cold here sometimes. I wound up getting the first package you sent me with the book and the packages and thank you so much for that we plan on making a bunch of stuff with it haha, even though some of the stuff will probably be hard to find but we're going to look for it today so that we can make something this week, I'm hoping for Fudge because we think we can find everything for it this week and then we have everthing because the sisters found some marshmallows for us to use so we'll be trying to do that this week probably haha. I can't wait to try out some of this stuff because the missionary arsenal for food is rather small thus we often only make stroganoff, fried rice, halusky, spaghetti and german pancakes haha. It;s fine though because they are all very good espeically Halusky, I know I've already said that before but I will probably have Halusky every week for my entire mission it is really really good haha.
Anyways I'm running out of time here so I'll wrap this up and I hope that I wrote enough and this one isn't too short this week if it is I'm sorry, next week I'll still be able to email, but I appreciate everything that everyone is doing for me and I appreciate all of your letters because they really make my week, I love just hearing about everything that's going on like Asha being crazy and then also Ritchie and John Wayne running around after each other it's really awesome to hear all of the stories that you have sent me, so for that I thank all of you thoroughly.   I love you all and be safe back home!
Elder Ferrell

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