Monday, April 14, 2014

To bring the world His truth

Hello everyone, we have been super duper busy this week it's been crazy.  We've just been running around doing tons of work, going to Prague and back and just trying to go as hard as possible, and we've been doing it. As far as some initial things.  The Surgery that I'm having is on Wednesday morning at 7:30 in the morning here.   So it is around midnight for you all, but it's okay. President is coming down tomorrow night to give me a blessing and he'll stay with me for the day, probably. I'm not too worried about it, it's pretty minor.  The name of the hospital is Medissimo, it's in Peterzalka, which is actually across the river, in the concrete jungle of Bratislava. It's really nice and very American-like. The main Doctor there is Paul Hnilica and he speaks english and it's basically his hospital. He's really funny because he is massive, like 6"9, and balding and says he's American. He's obviously not, and his real name is Pavol, he studied in America, in Michigan, and has tons of stuff from there. It's really funny because with all of his cards he pulls one out for you crosses out the name Pavol and writes Paul which is the American equivalent and then gives it to you.  He likes to be called Dr. Paul from all the staff and stuff like that and a lot of times he just gets up and goes to America for a few weeks every now and then.  He's really just an awkward funny person. So that's all the information on it, I'll be able to leave that day and the surgery should only be 30 minutes to an hour and then i'll be asleep they said for around 3 and half hours.   I'll be there and then I'll be able to go home. And with President down here we're going to try to take the chance to have him drive us back to Prague, because we need to pick up Elder Boysen's drivers license and then we'll be able to drive to exchanges maybe. I'm also working on my application to drive right now and I hope to input it to the office this coming week so that I'll be able to pick it up sometime this or next month because Elder Boysen doesn't want to drive the whole time by himself haha.

This week me and ELder Boysen have been putting the pedal to the metal and just going as hard and fast as our bodies will allow. We made a goal to get 14 lessons and 30 potentials, IE, numbers. We wound up getting 13 lessons and 40 numbers which is simply amazing because the average companionship gets 50 numbers a transfer. Our goal is to get 25 numbers a week and over 200 numbers by the end of the transfer. We also want to be teaching 21 lessons, which is the goal standard for the czech republic, 14 for Slovakia, in 3 weeks from the beginning of the transfer. I think it is 100% possible and I'm stoked about it. We already hit 13 where as last week we were barely hitting like 5 lessons in a week. So yeah we've turned it up a notch because Slovakia needs a huge example and to see that it is possible to be teaching 21 lessons and be getting tons of numbers.  We know it's possible and we're just trying to prove it. We've been working hard and Elder Boysen and I are exhausted after the week but we're going to keep going tomorrow and the rest of the transfer.  So that we can really be that example that President wants us to be. Elder Boysen is massive he's 6"7 and is a contacting fiend and he's really funny. and the reason that me and him are together is because Elder Boysen likes to contact and I like to contact but the majority of people don't like doing it, so our job to help people learn how to contact because we can see that if we're getting numbers and we're getting new investigators then we are teaching more lessons  and the baptisms will follow, so we know it's possible to have that amount of success that the Czech republic has in Slovakia.  We just need to learn how to do it. The most a companionship got as far as numbers wise is 200 and it's Elder Boysen's mission to beat that number haha and we're on our way.

On the way to that goal we had a really cool miracle that we were able to experience, it was Sunday and it was General Conference weekend this week for the Slovak people so as far as Saturday goes we were very busy and we wern't ab le to get a single number which is fine because monday through thursday we were able to get 35 so we figured that we could got o prague and then saturday and sunday we would easily be able to get 40 numbers. But we wound up teaching a spontaneous lesson on Saturday instead of fidning and getting a lesson so we were left to do it Sunday where as we had around 4 hours to do so. A piece a cake we thought because the previous days we had been getting roughyl 2 numbers or more per hour of contacting so 5 would be easy. We contact and around 3 hours in we got our first number but were still 4 numbers away, we then got a second another hour later. It was already 730 and time to go home and eat dinner, and we were deciding on whether to go home and eat Halusky or try for the last 3 numbers we were kind of down and not expecting to get those numbers and just resolve with 37 but we decided to go up the hill one last time. We went up it and were able to get the last 3 numbers while only talking to 5 people and we walked back down the hill victorius. We went home, we ate a quick dinner while we planned. So we have been immensely blessed this week and just wanted to share with you that little miracle in our lives, I love this work.

Other than that, I don't have much else, me and Elder Boysen are going to go home and sleep because we're tired haha, I'm so happy that I have this oppurtunity to work with Elder Boysen because he's going to help me so much to become the kind of missionary that I want to be. I see so much more is possible now that I'm with him and see the kind of effort that I need to put in if I want the success that I'm expecting, we don't need to kill ourselves but we have to work hard, and hard work only comes when we put our minds to the task and push forward, not stopping to enjoy the sunshine, not stopping to enjoy the flowers by the road but by pushing forward until the work is done and it's time to go home. Thank you so much for your support and your love, I love you all, have a safe and awesome week!

Elder Ferrell

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