Monday, September 30, 2013

Photos: the kosice branch, a czech style layered cake

The Kosice branch
 A czech syle Layered cake
Hey everyone it's afternoon here in Kosice and it is still chilly and crisp, so I will most assuredly be using my winter coat this transfer probably in November or something like that. Today was transfers and my new companion came in today around 2 and his name is Elder Guymon and he was in Bratislava last transfer. This is his 2nd to last transfer and he's going home halfway through the next one so he leaves on December 30 and this is also where he started out his mission so he gets to end it most likely is this beautiful place. Some things have changed he's said since he was here last, he says that when he was here they didn't use bus passes and they just walked everywhere which seems like a nightmare. and then he also says that the apartment didn't change and that he was in the one I'm in so that was bad for him because our appartment is bad haha. We got a call this morning before Elder Barber left from the office couple and he told us that we may be looking for a new appartment because ours isn't in the best of shape haha but it's not so bad. Elder Barber is now a zone leader but they've split up the zone leaders this transfer and Elder Barber is follow-up training Elder Ringger and his other zone leader companion is in Zvolen about 20 minutes away from there and he's training a new missionary there, I don't know which one exactly but they're going to have a tough time with everything but that's kind of funny and interesting so he's there now and I'm excited for him to be there.
My new companion works really hard and walks really fast and he has also hurt his foot I just forgot how but I heard sometime.  Right now I'm really tired because I didn't get very much sleep last night because I'm sick and was up and kept waking up because I have a cold or something, just a lot of congestion and a sore throat so far but at the same time it was great to hang out with president Van Dalen today. While we were waiting we taught a member home teaching and then ate lunch and it was all good. Today we went and bought Elder Guymon's bus pass and then we're going to email and then quickly shop and do other things haha we don't have all the time in the world today because it takes so long to get to Kosice from anywhere. But it's just another thing that goes on out here. This week was a long week but not very eventful, it was basically the same except we created a new class for family history and that was a pretty good success and we had about 10 non members there so that was cool that we could help them work through that. Being sick just really kills me sometimes and this time is no different.
This week I did bake a Medovnik cake actually, it's a dessert from the Czech republic and it is a layer cake and you layer a creama dn then also a walnut and condensed milk ontop of some cakes made with honey. It was really fun to make and it looks really good and it tastes absolutely delicious, I have pictures of it that I will be definitely sending you. Next week is conference but we won't be watching it until the week after when they send everyone DVD's with the language on it so that everyone can understand except for the most part only some of the talks are in Slovak and the rest will be in Czech so we hae to suffer through that. It's not that it's bad it just takes a lot of work to understand what they are trying to tell you, some things are the same and then some things are similar and then some things are impossible to figure out what they're trying to say to you. They just sound so weird to us haha but that's of little importance. This week is going to be good and hopefully I get better tomorrow, and I will be taking some pills and junk for sure haha.
Well that's pretty much everything for this week, we really didn't do anything extraordinary this week we just worked hard and tried to find people to teach and then we taught some of them so nothing really special happened. I'm sorry I don't have a cooler story for you. But it's time for me to go but I love you all and I hope that everyone is safe and that they are having fun!
Elder Ferrell

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